Powered by Sand

There are two basic ways to remove contamination from water: remove it physically or zap it with chemicals. I would argue that based on the way we do things in the aquatics industries in the U.S., our focus is largely on the chemical treatment side, and we pay less attention to the physical removal part of the process.   I think that’s a mistake because both [...]

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That Smell

We all know it, that horrible smell of an indoor pool, what most people call the chlorine smell. It’s so common that we expect it whenever we walk into a building that contains a pool. We’re conditioned to accept it. We know it’s not good, but since no one appears to die from that smell, we tolerate [...]

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Undercover Opportunities

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is also the wisest. I’m all for hard work but also equally a big fan of efficiency and making life easier wherever and whenever possible. Experience has taught me that working smart is just as important as working hard.  A great case in point is our recent purchase [...]

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One of a Kind

Owning something no one else has can be so amazing and exciting. The phrase “one-of-a-kind” carries a mystique and implies unique value that feeds our ego and stokes our dreams. It says something about the person being accomplished and daring enough to possess that which is truly unique.   In the very same way, it’s thrilling to create singular products that are made to [...]

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The Unheard Voice

One of the most self-defeating mistakes I can think of is our lack of willingness to listen to the voices we need to hear the most.   That’s abundantly true in the aquatic industry where facility owners and managers seemingly go deaf when it comes to the messages from their consumers about the water and air [...]

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Guarding Health and Safety

Effective water treatment is serious business, and that is true precisely because ineffective water treatment leads to serious consequences. The brutal logic is inescapable. Consider that in the world of public utilities, the ability to kill and otherwise manage waterborne diseases is a cornerstone of public health and safety. Our very lives depend on it. We do not function as a [...]

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The Expert Advantage

If you need a wedding cake, you don’t hire a plumber. As obvious as that may seem, in the world of aquatic maintenance, that is in effect what many people choose to do. Rather than turn to a water quality professional, an expert, they play guessing games without the benefit of professional guidance.   As a result, the “cake” [...]

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Water Quality and the Aquatic Athlete

I’ve always enjoyed watching aquatic athletes do their thing. Whether they are competitive swimmers, water polo players, divers, or synchronized swimmers, it’s amazing what these talented young people can achieve in the water. I also deeply admire the culture that surrounds aquatic sports and how these programs vest participants with tremendous physical fitness, discipline, and the confidence that comes with doing something most other [...]

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Indoor Air Quality and HydroZone 3®: A Higher Standard

Anyone who’s ever been inside a building that houses an indoor swimming pool most likely remembers how it smells, and it’s not usually a pleasant memory. The familiar “chlorine smell” can be overwhelming, and the foul air quality at the vast majority of indoor pool facilities can burn the eyes and even restrict breathing. When I look at lifeguards who spend hours in these environments, I [...]

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Troubled Waters: Part II – Building the Solution

…continued from part I   Previously, I described one of the most disastrous installations imaginable: a six-figure residential pool installed in sand on a bluff overlooking the ocean, with no soils report, no foundational structure of any kind, and a system that was basically unconscionable.    Now, we’ll leave all that bad stuff behind and talk about what we [...]

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