HydroZone 3®

Create an experience your customers want over and over again.

Perfect pool experiences every time

We’re water experts so you don’t have to be.

Your passion is designing or managing aesthetically beautiful aquatic spaces for your clients. Ours is delivering safe, and healthy, low-maintenance pool water to enhance and reflect the experiences you design. With HydroZone 3 you’ll never hear complaints about pool water quality, maintenance, or repair. 

Understanding how important balanced water is for you, HydroZone 3 leverages a holistic approach to ensure your success. Leveraging SMART pool technologies with real-time monitoring and notifications, HydroZone 3 responds instantly to water conditions — no draining, refilling, or downtime required.

HydroZone 3 eliminates bacteria and water treatment by-products to create healthy and safe pool water — eliminating the risk of recreational water illnesses (RWIs).

Master your water chemistry and create perfectly balanced water that is safe, healthy, and inviting.


To see how HydroZone 3 stacks up against other pool water treatment methods, download the HydroZone 3 comparison chart.


Perfect pool experiences every time

You’ll experience very happy customers.

Your pool experience is what makes you stand out from your competition. It’s what attracts more customers to you. Water plays a key role in the success of your experience, and it is one of the most unstable aspects of what you do.

Imagine having water that provides:

• A rejuvenating water experience that enhances your pool and spa experiences
• Less corrosion and minimizes repairs
• Hands-off water maintenance so you can do what you do best
• Water methods that are CDC recommended for healthy and safe water
• Perfect pool water anytime, every time

With SRK HydroZone 3, you’ll have pure and balanced water, hands-free maintenance and very happy customers.

Before and after HydroZone 3

How HydroZone 3 works

Pool water is taken from the surface of your pool and goes through the ozone injection process and passes through UV light where it is sterilized. Advanced oxidization burns off and destroys any remaining dissolved ozone contaminants and when the water reaches a certain oxidation point, it “pops,” giving the water a polished appearance like an aquarium. Your water is tested, and a small amount of chlorine added, before the water returns to the pool.



Our clients, in their own words.

“Until you’ve experienced the kind of water Steve can generate, you don’t even know what’s possible. In my four decades of experience in and around pools, I’d never run across anything like it. HydroZone 3 is water treatment at a much higher level than almost everyone is used to.”

Jeff Ward, Aquatic Coach and Athletic Director

“Kenny has developed an impressive set of glowingly satisfied clients who are using HydroZone 3. He also conducted multiple tests, by himself and by independent laboratories, all of which have confirmed the performance of HydroZone 3.”

AQUA Magazine, August 2015

Before we hired Steve, we had a lot of problems maintaining the water clarity and quality that is necessary to provide a great water experience for our members and students and Olympic athletes. 

Steve came in and quickly identified key issues. Once we addressed these issues the water quality improved dramatically. With up to 5 pool configuration changes a day and drastically changing bather loads, we had to fundamentally change the way we thought about pool management and water treatment.  

Steve trained our entire engineering staff from the ground up and demonstrated how to anticipate the demands on the water and how to prepare the water rather than being reactive. He did this with great passion and has a true 360 degree understanding of all aspects of pool and water management. Thank you, Steve! 

Marcus Farny, Chief Operations Officer, Asphalt Green