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Experience your pool as an extension of your lifestyle, the way it is meant to be.

The HydroZone 3 pool is no ordinary pool. It’s a pool experience that enhances and embellishes your lifestyle. It’s a holistic, innovative approach to designing your pool the way you want it and need it. Every aspect of your pool environment is designed specifically for you with the most effective technologies available today. You don’t have to lift a finger; your pool is managed remotely 24/7/365 giving you the best possible water experience to enjoy your pool to the fullest, any time every time. 

Your pool will create a meditative effect that instills a deep sense of peace, rejuvenation, and balance — improving the health and well-being of all who use your pool. With healthy, safe and beautifully polished water, your pool is a remarkable aquatic experience that quiets your mind and soothes your soul. 


The HydroZone 3 difference.

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Our clients, in their own words.

“When we heard about HydroZone 3, we were immediately intrigued. We made a visit to one of SRK’s recently completed HydroZone 3 pools, and I had the chance to swim…it was the most refreshing water I had ever experienced in a man-made pool. Delicious, fresh, light, bubbly, sparkling, clean, and did I mention refreshing? It is difficult to express the depth of pleasure that our HydroZone 3 pool has brought to our family and friends…it continues to be a life-changing and joyful marvel that exceeds our expectations on a regular basis.”

Paul S. Alter, Principal, Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

“Kenny has developed an impressive set of glowingly satisfied clients who are using HydroZone 3. He also conducted multiple tests, by himself and by independent laboratories, all of which have confirmed the performance of HydroZone 3.”

AQUA Magazine, August 2015

“Until you’ve experienced the kind of water Steve can generate, you don’t even know what’s possible. In my four decades of experience in and around pools, I’d never run across anything like it. HydroZone 3 is water treatment at a much higher level than almost everyone is used to.”

Jeff Ward, Aquatic Coach and Athletic Director

How HydroZone 3 works

Pool water is taken from the surface of your pool and goes through the ozone injection process and passes through UV light where it is sterilized. Advanced oxidization burns off and destroys any remaining dissolved ozone contaminants and when the water reaches a certain oxidation point, it “pops,” giving the water a polished appearance like an aquarium. Your water is tested, and a small amount of chlorine added, before the water returns to the pool.