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A moment of inspiration

My son was gasping for air…

One night after swimming practice, my son came home and started gasping for air. We were so scared, and we didn’t know what was going on or what was causing this. Then it happened a second time. After countless visits to the doctor, it was determined that the chemical fumes from the chlorine in the pool were having adverse effects on my son’s lungs, and if he continued to swim, he would experience lasting damage.

I had already been working in the pool services industry for years, and it was at that point I realized something had to be done to make pool water safe and healthy — I had to do something about it.

Through extensive research, I found a book titled “My Water Cure” by Sebastian Kneipp, which describes the “Kneipp Cure.” To prove the concept of healthy and safe pool water, I set up a hydrotherapy tank in my home, tried countless methodologies, and eventually developed my own water-treatment method. The method involves high ozone treatment coupled with medium pressure UV, which produces hydroxyl radicals in the process now widely known as “Advanced Oxidation.”

Today, this method of water treatment is perfected. I call it SRK HydroZone 3 water and it has literally been called the best water in the world.


What you’ll experience with HydroZone 3:

• No burning eyes or discomfort
• No skin irritation
• No smell
• No respiratory issues
• Ultra-clear, clean water
• Soft and pleasurable to the touch
• You’ll feel revitalized and refreshed
• Uses water methods recommended by the CDC for healthy water
• Perfect water every time you want to go swimming

The HydroZone 3 difference.

Polished and perfectly balanced water

Experience your pool as an extension of your lifestyle, the way it is meant to be.

The HydroZone 3 pool is no ordinary pool. It’s a pool experience that enhances and embellishes your lifestyle. It’s a holistic, innovative approach to designing your pool the way you want it and need it. Every aspect of your pool environment is designed specifically for you with the most effective technologies available today. You don’t have to lift a finger; your pool is managed remotely 24/7/365 giving you the best possible water experience to enjoy your pool to the fullest, any time every time. 

Your pool will create a meditative effect that instills a deep sense of peace, rejuvenation, and balance — improving the health and well-being of all who use your pool. With healthy, safe and beautifully polished water, your pool is a remarkable aquatic experience that quiets your mind and soothes your soul. 


How HydroZone 3 works

Pool water is taken from the surface of your pool and goes through the ozone injection process and passes through UV light where it is sterilized. Advanced oxidization burns off and destroys any remaining dissolved ozone contaminants and when the water reaches a certain oxidation point, it “pops,” giving the water a polished appearance like an aquarium. Your water is tested, and a small amount of chlorine added, before the water returns to the pool.

Before and after HydroZone 3

My guarantee is that HydroZone 3 water supports your pride of ownership. This means you can take pride in having the best, most beautiful, healthy, safe and enjoyable water possible to share with family and friends.

The health and wellness of your pool is our number one priority so that you can enjoy it all season long.

Experience a new level of healthy and safe water with SRK Pool Services.

— Steve Kenny
President, SRK Pool Services

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Our clients, in their own words.

“SRK truly wants to take the time to make others feel important. They listened to what we wanted and helped us make it better. We have our dream.”


“I traveled to the southern island of New Zealand, I swam through the Sutherland Falls and into the glacial lake, where I experienced the most pure, crisp, and clean swim of my life, in the most beautiful and perfect water on earth. With my new pool, swimming in the advanced oxidation water, I recall that same experience…short of swimming in a glacial lake.”

Jon Grossman

“SRK’s seamless design, construction, and maintenance of our elegant pool have been spot on. SRK’s sophisticated ozone and UV light technology and service separates them from the pack. We could not be happier!”

Jodie Eastman, active philanthropist, and John Eastman, Partner, Eastman & Eastman, and Director, ASCAP and Apple Corps Ltd.

“Steve and the crew at SRK Pool Services did a fantastic job installing a new pool and stone patio at our house in East Hampton. They are a true full-service outfit: after getting the required town permits, they excavated the old liner pool, helped us with the design, and then engineered and constructed a beautiful new gunite pool. They removed the old wooden deck in our backyard and installed a beautiful new stone deck that they helped us select.

Not only that, but they stayed within budget from start to finish. They were also very responsive to matters that arose while the work was being done – always quick to get out to our property and take care of things, one of the real benefits of using a local company.

Based on the high quality of their work, it was an easy decision for us to continue to use them for regular pool maintenance during the summer season. They have done a great job with that too! Our experience with Steve, John, Dallas, and the rest of the SRK Pool Services team has been outstanding.”

Bill Kapell

“Kenny has developed an impressive set of glowingly satisfied clients who are using HydroZone 3. He also conducted multiple tests, by himself and by independent laboratories, all of which have confirmed the performance of HydroZone 3.”

AQUA Magazine, August 2015

“Until you’ve experienced the kind of water Steve can generate, you don’t even know what’s possible. In my four decades of experience in and around pools, I’d never run across anything like it. HydroZone 3 is water treatment at a much higher level than almost everyone is used to.”

Jeff Ward, Aquatic Coach and Athletic Director