Troubled Waters: Part II – Building the Solution

…continued from part I   Previously, I described one of the most disastrous installations imaginable: a six-figure residential pool installed in sand on a bluff overlooking the ocean, with no soils report, no foundational structure of any kind, and a system that was basically unconscionable.    Now, we’ll leave all that bad stuff behind and talk about what we [...]

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Troubled Waters: Part I

It’s a sad fact, but there’s no denying that the pool and spa industry has a questionable if not outright bad reputation. Ever since I can remember, fly-by-night companies have tainted the industry and, all too often, have left homeowners with serious to severe unresolved problems.   The following story is one of those situations, maybe the worst I’ve ever seen. Fortunately, it does have [...]

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The Art of Service

Pool and spa service may not be the most glamorous job, but for those of us who’ve made it our profession, it can be nothing short of an art form. The work involves a variety of interrelated tasks and goals that require consistent and careful attention. There’s chemistry, hydraulics, mechanics, problem solving, customer relations, [...]

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Actively Listen to Customers to Find the Right Solution

I recently had the pleasure of attending the 14th Annual World Aquatic Health Conference in Denver, Colorado. It was the second time I’ve made it to the event, which is produced by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Like the first time around, I found the experience incredibly stimulating and inspiring. As the name suggests, [...]

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