Indoor Air Quality and HydroZone 3™: A Higher Standard

Anyone who’s ever been inside a building that houses an indoor swimming pool most likely remembers how it smells, and it’s not usually a pleasant memory. The familiar “chlorine smell” can be overwhelming, and the foul air quality at the vast majority of indoor pool facilities can burn the eyes and even restrict breathing. When I look at lifeguards who spend hours in these environments, I [...]

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It’s one of the truly unfortunate traits of human nature — we tend to ignore what we cannot see. We’re an extremely visual species, and when something is invisible, there’s a strong tendency for us to think that it’s simply not there. What disturbs me the most about this characteristic is that it’s true [...]

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Educating Ourselves on Water Quality

For as long as I’ve worked in the aquatics industry, there’s always been a tremendous amount of talk about “education.” The basic patter is that our industry lacks formal educational opportunities, and if we want to be successful, both individually and as an industry, we have to up our game. While I generally agree [...]

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A Top-Shelf Seminar

It’s no secret that at times I’ve been critical of the state of education in the aquatics/pool/spa industry. It’s not my nature to complain; yet throughout my long tenure in the industry, I’ve consistently found it difficult to find adequate informational resources—a shortcoming that has become a common refrain among many in our profession. [...]

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