RK is synonymous with perfect pool water for you, your family, your guests, your customers or members of your organization. We developed a proprietary advanced water treatment system — SRK HydroZone 3™. We can fit this system to any swimming pool and are available for construction, consulting or maintenance. SRK has engineered the Hydro Zone 3 system to be flexible enough to fit any existing any existing swimming pool or planned into any new construction - residential, commercial or institutional. We even have Mobile HydroZone 3 systems that can be hooked up to your pool for the day to literally show you the difference SRK can make. Not only does the water look, smell and feel better, our water quality surpasses even the toughest requirements from the CDC for commercial pools. Please take some time to learn more about how we can help you achieve truly clean water!

Water Quality Goes Mobile

Aqua Magazine’s August issue features SRK’s own Hz3’s Mobile Unit in a story about the mobile system and Steve Kenny’s commitment to bringing safe, clean water to both residential and commercial pools. As the CDC continues to issue warnings about Cryptosporidium and other water borne contaminates and their Model Aquatic Health Code supports SRK’s theory that […]

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CDC Guidelines for Pool Safety Talk of the Town

As they should be!  This week the Center for Disease Control issues their annual pool and hot tub safety warnings and they got a lot of coverage! Both CBS and NBC Morning shows did stories on the dangers that come in chlorine-based pools.  Stinging eyes, awful smells and the possibility of Cryptosporidium, a parasite that lives as […]

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Don’t Let your Pool be a Garbage Dump

It happens all the time.   The pool is clean and sparkling and perfect, and along comes the lawn mower, blowing grass clippings into the pool.   Or wind blows during construction of the new bar-b-q grill and concrete dust floats onto the pool.  Power washing the deck?  The dirty water will probably ends up mixing […]

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