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Quiet your mind and sooth your senses with Wellness Water from Modern Pool Solutions.

As clean and pure as an artesian spring.

The water instills a deep sense of peace, rejuvenation and balance, supporting a gentle meditative state.

The purity of Wellness Water is supported by technologies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You’ll rest with peace of mind knowing that you’re safe from Recreational Water Illness (RWI).

  • Designed for your specific needs to relax body and mind, and increase health and well-being.
  • Perfect water chemistry every time you use it.
  • No taste, no smell.
  • Weekly “white glove” pool management.
  • Health benefits exceeding any other water solution on the market today.

Maintaining superior water quality requires knowledge, skill and an enlightened perspective says veteran builder and servicer Steve Kenny of SRK Pool Services in East Hampton, N.Y. Heavily influenced by his prior career in the culinary arts, Kenny approaches water chemistry with an artisan’s touch.

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Discover the soft, clean, refreshing sensation
while swimming and even after leaving your pool.

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The healthiest water for recreation and rejuvenation.

Modern Pool Solutions has developed and perfected a Wellness Water system with astounding results for water quality and health benefits.

Designed for hot tubs, spas and pools, this proven process eliminates bacteria and water treatment by-products — reducing the need for chlorine by 90% compared to traditional treatment methods.

Chlorine works if used properly, but it can also be harmful to people and the environment.

As chlorine use increases, so do “disinfection by-products,” the chemical compounds that produce the familiar chlorine smell and irritate skin and eyes. Also, many harmful microorganisms become more resistant and can only be killed with high concentrations of ozone and/or ultra-violet light sterilization, according to the CDC.

Modern Pool Solutions has mastered the chemistry to create perfectly balanced water that is safe, healthful and inviting.


Richness and vibrancy with Wellness Water

Modern Pool Solutions designed a comprehensive aquatic risk management program to help prevent the spread of RWIs.

Our Wellness Water procedure incorporates the most current and effective technologies available today. These technologies incorporate advanced oxidation techniques and use a combination of ozone, UV light and minimal chlorine to ensure the best water quality possible. Scaled to fit any size pool, the systems accommodate public facilities and private estates, indoors and outdoors.

The treated water eliminates all bacteria and health hazards currently found in water conditions around the world. And, it’s been vigorously tested.

When the water reaches a certain oxidation point, it “pops,” giving the water a polished appearance like an aquarium.


Managed Service Provider

Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program to augment the new Model Aquatic Health Code by the CDC. Training and support to establishments that want consistently high-quality water—without the service trucks.


Pool and Spa Consulting

Assistance to architects and landscape designers. Leverage our 30 years of field experience to create a phenomenal experience for clients who want the best of the best for overall health and relaxation. 

Mobile Water Treatment Demonstration

Experience the difference the Wellness Water makes in your own pool. To demonstrate the benefits, our water treatment trailer will come to your facility or estate pool and transform it.

3D Project Design and Outdoor Living

See how your outdoor living spaces can be a relaxing destination with our 3D project design. Installation consulting also provided.

Pool Construction and Renovation

Built for generations to enjoy. Our new construction and renovations are performed by our in-house masonry crew, driven by a vision to craft something new and beautiful.


About Modern Pool Solutions

Modern Pool Solutions is a boutique pool company specializing in water that can be considered Wellness Water.

We are adamant about delivering a wonderful experience, in and out of the water, and we’ll never cut corners.

I’m sure that thinking comes from my grandfather. I’ve always admired how he ran his French restaurant. His values created a business culture in which pride took precedence over profit.

Those principles guided me as I ventured out on my own. Early curiosity about the chemistry of clean pool water helped launch Modern Pool Solutions, where we designed, renovated, and built pools and systems from scratch. People immediately noticed the difference.

Some people call us pool snobs. I will admit we are definitely fanatics when it comes to water chemistry. But that’s the only way to give our customers the best possible water experience imaginable.


Our clients, in their own words.

“This is the first year with this system and it has been great for us in many ways. First, our membership has been overjoyed with how the water feels while they are swimming…the club has experienced a lot higher volume of swimmers because of how the water feels 
to them…[Also] I am not fighting with the chemicals all day long, trying to get the 
water balanced… Lastly, with this system I have “peace of mind”… having SRK remotely monitor our pool has been priceless.”

Bill McKee, Beach Manager, Maidstone Club, East Hampton, New York

“When we heard about the ozone system, we were immediately intrigued. It was the most refreshing water I had ever experienced in a man-made pool. Fresh, light, bubbly, sparkling, clean, and did I mention refreshing?”

Paul. S. Alter, AIA, Principal, Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

“Modern Pool Solution’s seamless design, construction, and maintenance of our elegant pool have been spot on. Modern Pool Solution’s sophisticated ozone UV technology separates them from the pack. We could not be happier!”

Jodie Eastman, active philanthropist, and John Eastman, Partner, Eastman & Eastman, and Director, ASCAP and Apple Corps Ltd.

“Imagine swimming without any damage to your skin, nails, hair, eyes, or clothing. Our Modern Pool Solutions pool has utterly spoiled us. It’s literally like swimming in a cool, clean glass of drinking water. Glorious.”

Stephanie March and Bobby Flay, chef and television host

Need more proof?

Contact us to bring our Wellness Water mobile unit to your location.
We’ll connect it to your pool for the day and show you water you’ve NEVER experienced before.

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