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HydroZone 3® – SRK’s Branded Approach to Water Quality Management

As an aquatic designer, builder, and service technician, I’ve put in much time and effort to really know and understand the aquatic business. I’ve spent countless hours studying water chemistry and bather experience—so much so that it has become my life. My approach to water treatment is embodied in a set of synergistic technologies I’ve branded as the SRK HydroZone 3® water treatment system. The idea is to create an approach that meets the needs of the future, to earnestly advance the state of the art.

In short, I believe HydroZone 3 is the best way to consistently achieve perfect water quality in a pool or spa.

We created HydroZone 3 a decade ago with the goal to far exceed minimum water quality guidelines and instead establish the aquatic industry’s platinum standard. The result has been a level of water quality that is mesmerizing in its beauty and impeccable clarity, the paramount expression of recreational water quality. Our HydroZone 3 has been installed for homeowners and commercial pool owners who expect and demand great value for their investment.

So What Exactly is a HydroZone 3 Pool?

In a word, it’s a “system” rather than a single chemical product or piece of equipment. The result of years of research and trial and error, HydroZone 3 starts with a carefully balanced combination of corona discharge ozone generation, medium pressure UV sterilization, and a tiny 0.5 parts-per-million chlorine residual. (In some cases, we’ve been able to eliminate chlorine altogether.)

Minimal chlorine and the use of secondary treatments ensure that chloramines will not form, eliminating the smell and possible health problems that ensue from chlorine coming into contact with bodily fluids and dirt. The use of UV and ozone sterilization also treats harmful microorganisms that chlorine cannot.

A HydroZone 3 pool is also designed with robust filtration, rapid turnover and skimming action, energy-efficient circulation, and uniform chemical distribution. It’s a holistic water management concept that includes advanced monitoring and automation technology, proper materials selection, and ergonomic design, all of which work together to strive for maximize convenience, comfort, and efficiency.

Each HydroZone 3 pool is engineered separately to suit the client’s lifestyle, type of use, and desired water temperature. This system delivers water that requires minimal maintenance with no downtime, all while maintaining mineral balance and easily handling the sanitizer and oxidizer demand, regardless of how many people take a dip or how often. It eliminates chemical odors, ensures perfect water clarity, and gives water a luxurious texture and impeccable cleanliness found nowhere else.

In other words, HydroZone 3 is all about delivering the finest aquatic experience available anywhere. For those seeking perfect water quality each and every time they use their pool or spa, this is the guaranteed way to achieve that level of perfection.

Our HydroZone 3 system has expanded and evolved to include as many treatment steps and technologies as is necessary to suit each of our clients’ specific goals. We now simply refer to these modular, flexible multi-step systems as SRK’s custom water systems.



A blog about all things water, written by SRK's founder Steve Kenny.