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SRK Pools is a boutique pool company specializing in water that can be considered Wellness Water.

We are adamant about delivering a wonderful experience, in and out of the water, and we’ll never cut corners.

I’m sure that thinking comes from my grandfather. I’ve always admired how he ran his French restaurant. His values created a business culture in which pride took precedence over profit.

 Those principles guided me as I ventured out on my own. Early curiosity about the chemistry of clean pool water helped launch SRK Pools, where we designed, renovated, and built pools and systems from scratch. People immediately noticed the difference.

Some people call us pool snobs. I will admit we are definitely fanatics when it comes to water chemistry. But that’s the only way to give our customers the best possible water experience imaginable.

Meet Steve Kenny

Steve Kenny is an aquatic designer, builder, and service technician with more than 25 years of experience. Based in Long Island, New York, he specializes in designing, building, and maintaining commercial and residential pools and spas that feature the highest possible water quality.

He is a passionate advocate of creating a new class of aquatic professionals devoted to the science, methods, and art of ensuring pristine water conditions. Steve was formally trained in the culinary arts and has a passion for fine dining. He is an accomplished photographer and sailing enthusiast. He is also a passionate advocate of the benefits of hydrotherapy.

A devoted family man, Steve lives in East Hampton with his bride of 20 years and their three children.