Communicating Through Customer Service

It’s pretty obvious. The better we are at communicating with each other, the more successful we are likely to be in all facets of our lives, both individually and collectively, in business and in our personal lives.

Communication applies to everything. From my past work in the restaurant business, for example, I’ve learned that there is no way you can serve 200 dinners without communication between all the staff. The same goes for the aquatic industry. Managing water quality can be a complex task that involves many different people, from facility owners and managers, to lifeguards and maintenance staff, to construction and service companies such as ours and especially the swimmers themselves. It’s a pursuit in which, like most large human endeavors, open lines of communication are essential to success.

This success comes from a constant communication among everyone. Many companies often only communicate with their employees or clients to fix a problem. But it never hurts to check in with someone or tell them they’re doing a good job; in fact, it boosts morale and builds community. Constant communication is key.

When communication breakdown occurs, living with the stagnant status quo is inevitable and that benefits no one.

This is why we value good communication and make it a large part of our company culture. We work to establish open and flowing communication within our company and with our clients, as well as our vendors and other involved parties. It’s why we have weekly staff meetings to make sure we’re all on the same page, and it’s why we make explaining things to our customers and answering their concerns a top priority.

We incorporate listening and being highly responsive into our communication techniques so that we can communicate effectively and efficiently. By putting others first, we maintain a high quality of service for our customers.

If we are to be seen as leaders in the aquatic industry, it is essential that we focus on our customer service; and at the core of customer service is communication. Certainly no one is perfect, but I believe that we should work to improve our batting averages. We should all realize that the art of communication is really and truly the art of working together. And by working together, we can make everyone happy and healthy.

For those of you who are unsure or don’t know how to take care of the water in your pool, communicate with us. We’ll take the time to listen and respond.


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Meet Steve Kenny

Steve Kenny is an aquatic designer, builder, and service technician with more than 25 years of experience. Based in Long Island, New York, he specializes in designing, building, and maintaining commercial and residential pools and spas that feature the highest possible water quality.

He is a passionate advocate of creating a new class of aquatic professionals devoted to the science, methods, and art of ensuring pristine water conditions. Steve was formally trained in the culinary arts and has a passion for fine dining. He is an accomplished photographer and sailing enthusiast. He is also a passionate advocate of the benefits of hydrotherapy.

A devoted family man, Steve lives in East Hampton with his bride of 20 years and their three children.

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