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Instead of starting with what technology or process would be best, we start with getting to know what your desired ideal experience is and work backwards. We want to ensure your pool experience is the best and perfect every time



Close your eyes and imagine a swimming experience so amazing that you are on sensory overload and cannot believe it is true. Now open your eyes and experience it firsthand.

We are passionate about designing and constructing amazing custom pool experiences that transform your home into a personal retreat. With more than 30 years of experience, we know it is important to focus on delivering total customer satisfaction, not only with the finished product, but also with every step of the design, construction, and water management process. Our attention to the details is what makes us different and delivers on our promise to you. Our team takes personal pride in creating the very best pool experience you could imagine. Their dedication to their artistry is unsurpassed. We do it right.


Amazing pool experiences can relax your body, refresh your mind, and soothe your soul.

Water Beautification

We design pools to deliver the best experience every time, and any time you want to go swimming

Water Architecture

A passion for water safety and hygiene is what drives us to build unique pool solutions

Water Experience

We design pools in totality: water, technology, construction, and your dream

Water Excellence

Dedication to excellence and experience in emerging technologies ensures you have the best

“SRK truly wants to take the time to make others feel important. They listened to what we wanted and helped us make it even better. We have our dream.”

“I traveled to the southern island of New Zealand, I swam through the Sutherland Falls and into the glacial lake, where I experienced the most pure, crisp, and clean swim of my life, in the most beautiful and perfect water on earth. With my new pool, swimming in the advanced oxidation water, I recall that same experience…short of swimming in a glacial lake.”

— Jon Grossman

We design and deliver custom pools, spas, and hydrotherapy units. Your overall experience and wellness is our highest priority.

It’s not just about just having a pool. We collaborate with you to design your dream pool, one for your enjoyment and relaxation. One that is hassle-free. We do everything in our power to make sure each swim is the best it can be. From design, service, and water quality, we deliver the best.