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Managed Water Services

We created our Water Management Program to help prevent the spread of recreational water illnesses. Our managed services incorporate a unique combination of time-tested techniques that deliver perfect water every time for any size pool—indoor and outdoor.



Imagine Perfect Water, All the Time.

We are a team of trusted water quality professionals who produce healthy water that is pure and resilient. We are adamant about delivering a wonderful experience, in and out of the water, and we’ll never cut corners. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the pool service sector, we help facilities create consistently safe water quality and provide our clients with peace of mind and healthy water.

We specialize in systems design, execution, management, and training. Most importantly, we remove your struggles of trying to maintain healthy water by offering our Water Management Program. With our program, we provide you with expertise, knowledge, and confidence on a daily basis to help you achieve the best possible water experience for all to enjoy.



Every swimmer deserves to experience a healthy and safe swimming environment

Water Experience

We deliver a mastered chemistry creating perfectly balanced water that is safe, healthy, and inviting

Water Quality

The Healthiest Water for Recreation and Rejuvenation

Healthy Water

Imagine swimming without any damage to your skin, nails, hair, eyes, or clothing

Water Excellence

Dedication to excellence and experience in emerging technologies ensures you have the best

“SRK’s seamless design, construction, and maintenance of our elegant pool have been spot on. SRK’s sophisticated ozone and UV light technology and service separates them from the pack. We could not be happier!”
— Jodie Eastman, active philanthropist, and John Eastman, Partner, Eastman & Eastman, and Director, ASCAP and Apple Corps Ltd.

“Imagine swimming without any damage to your skin, nails, hair, eyes, or clothing. Our SRK pool has utterly spoiled us for other swimming pools. It is, literally, like swimming in a cool, clean glass of drinking water. Glorious. Not only do we feel like we are doing our part for the environment, but there is no mistaking how much better it is for our bodies.”

— Bobby Flay, award-winning chef, restauranteur, cookbook author, and television host on the Food Network and Cooking Channel.

Our Passion

Lead the way in changing how an industry treats pool water and provide a solution for recreational water illnesses.

Our experts share their passion for safe and healthy water through articles on water chemistry and the use of ozone and UV, which have been featured in the pool trade industry magazines AQUA, WaterShapes, and Athletic Business. In 2014, our lead water expert was interviewed on the radio by Southampton’s NPR station about healthy water.

Additionally, we have added our SRK Mobile Water Treatment service so you can experience firsthand how our treatment system can improve air quality and bather comfort, and create a remarkable aquatic experience for overall wellness and relaxation.

Contact SRK for a 24-hour water treatment demonstration you will be amazed by the experience.


The SRK Mobile Water Treatment service is designed for and defined by the Model Aquatic Health Code by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some people call us pool snobs.

We admit we are definitely fanatics when it comes to water chemistry. But that’s the only way to give our customers the best possible water experience imaginable.