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You can still have your dream pool.
We take what is worn, old, or outdated and breathe life back into your pool experience with all the latest and greatest that outdoor living has to offer. We revitalize your excitement for your pool.



As a connoisseur of pool experiences, we have perfected the art of renovation with no limits.

Whatever your new dream vision includes, we can make it happen. Whether it is adding a spa, benches, steps, sun shelves, or auto covers.  We are fanatics about your water and we will upgrade your system to bring you the healthiest and most rejuvenating water experience possible. Even if you just want to relax, we can add remote capabilities and LED lighting to spice up your evening.


…your tired pool coming alive and being the pool of your dreams



“We LOVE our renovated pool! It is hard to explain how wonderful it is until you experience it. We never thought our pool could be so amazing. Thank you!!”

“It’s like having our own retreat spa in our backyard. I feel rejuvenated while swimming, and I do not even smell chlorine. It’s not just a renewed pool, it is a new experience.”

Xtra Technologies

We renovate pools to breathe life back into them and to give you the experience you deserve, the way you want it.

It’s not just about just having a pool. We collaborate with you to design your dream pool, one for your enjoyment and relaxation. One that is hassle-free. We do everything in our power to make sure each swim is the best it can be. From design, service, and water quality, we deliver the best.