We polish water and tend to the needs of our customers to the finest detail. We create an experience that our customers want to visit over and over again, providing them with something they look forward to and may even come to cherish.


SRK Pools is a boutique pool company specializing in water that can be considered as clean and pure an an artesian spring.

SRK has developed and perfected a water process with astounding results for water quality and health benefits — the HydroZone 3™ System. 

Using the most current and effective technologies available today, our proprietary HydroZone 3 System incorporates a unique combination of time-tested techniques using ozone, UV light, and minimal chlorine.  

Designed for any hot tub, spa, or pool — either indoor or outdoor, ranging from public facilities to private homes — this proven process eliminates bacteria and water treatment by-products, reducing the need for chlorine by 90% compared to traditional treatment methods. 

Chlorine works if used properly, but it can also be harmful to people and the environment. 

As chlorine use increases, so do “disinfection by-products,” the chemical compounds that produce the familiar chlorine smell and irritate skin and eyes. Also, many harmful microorganisms become more resistant and can only be killed with high concentrations of ozone and/or ultraviolet light sterilization, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

With the HydroZone 3 System, master your water chemistry to create perfectly balanced water that is safe, healthy, and inviting.

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SRK Pools designed a comprehensive aquatic risk management program to help prevent the spread of recreational water illness (RWIs).

Not only does the SRK HydroZone 3 System provide a satisfying and relaxed feel, it also eliminates all bacteria and health hazards currently found in water conditions around the world. Through employing techniques using both ozone and UV light as secondary disinfectants, the system has a total of three levels of protection against harmful bacteria:  

Ozone Treatment
Ozone is used to oxidize the water, breaking the bond between ammonia and chlorine, keeping the chlorine free and available to fight bacteria, and completely removing the smell of chlorine. 

UV Treatment
Ultraviolet light is used to enhance the ozone and convert it to hydroxyl radicals, which increases its ability to kill pathogens and viruses 

Chlorine Treatment
Advanced oxidization eliminates 90% of the usual chlorine levels. Only trace amounts of chlorine are used to sanitize the pool to protect against bather-to-bather contamination.

Here’s How the HydroZone 3 System Works: 

Pool water is taken from the surface of your pool and goes through the ozone process, injecting ozone into the water. Then this water is passed through the UV light system where it is sterilized. Next, an advanced oxidization process burns off any remaining contaminants. When the water reaches a certain oxidation point, it “pops,” giving the water a polished appearance like an aquarium. Lastly, the water is tested and chlorine is added, if needed, before the water returns to the pool.


Discover the soft, clean, refreshing sensation while swimming and even after leaving your pool.

The water instills a deep sense of peace, rejuvenation and balance, supporting a gentle meditative state. The purity of HydroZone 3 System water is supported by technologies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You’ll rest with peace of mind knowing that you’re safe from recreational water illness (RWI). 

With the HydroZone 3 System, you will have: 

  • A pool that is designed for your specific needs to relax body and mind, and increase health and well-being. 
  • Perfect water chemistry every time you use it. 
  • No taste, no smell. 
  • Weekly “white glove” pool management. 
  • Health benefits exceeding any other water solution on the market today.

To learn more about how we focus on the quality of water, read Building Towards Clarity.

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